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grand canyon settlement

Vernacular Architecture

In this episode we talk about vernacular architecture around the world. We talked with Bouchra Idrissi of the Africa Innovation Network about the definitions, advantages and challenges of vernacular architecture.

four cities with different approaches to walkability

Walkable City

This episode focusses on the walkability of cities around the globe. We give you a small test to check your city, look at the history of the concept with Jane Jacobs and share some perspectives on Shanghai, Shenzhen as well as a bit of a critical look.

road in sao paolo

Car and the City

In this episode we talk about the car and the city. We talk about the concept of the automotive city (autogerechte Stadt) and how this approach shaped and shapes our cities.

informal settlement @johnny_miller_photography

Realities of informality on different continents

In the last part of our trilogy on informality within human settlements, we take a look at the realities of informality on different continents. We talk with two people who have first-hand experience, tell their stories and we share our own perceptions from around the globe.

Mumbai @johnny_miller_photography

Formalization processes in settlements

In the second part of our trilogy on informality within human settlements, we take a look at the formalization processes. We look at their history,weight the pros and cons, but also take a look at the initiators and give some examples. Please keep in mind that we did not pick the examples to either condemn or praise them, but simply to showcase the topic more clearly.

A white map of Africa on a black surface with a map of China within the African boarderlines in black

China’s influence in Africa

China is investing in a lot of places. The African continent is one of them. We are reflecting on expert input and have a chat with South African game developer Steven Tu and Ethiopian Architect Bethlehem Anteneh. Leave us a comment with your opinion or interesting facts about China’s influence in Africa.

shanghai tower

What is the sound of your city?

This episode centers around city perception. How we see our city with our eyes, but also with our emotions and feelings. How do we perceive our city with all five senses, and how could urban planning have an influence on how we feel.