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When we created the idea of this podcast, we knew one thing for certain. We wanted it to be professional, scientific and fun to listen to.

Our listeners are supposed to have a bi-weekly impulse on different topics within spatial planning. To make it accessible to as many interested people as possible, we didn’t want to hide behind a paywall. However to create a high-quality podcast we needed high-quality people.

So if you enjoy the project and you want to support us you can do a couple of things:

You can donate directly to us via PayPal or credit card.

Or become part of our Patreon community and support us on a monthly basis

Why do we need donations?

Our costs are varied and currently include:

  • renting recording devices
  • domain & hosting
  • studio
  • composer
  • sound designer
  • literature and software

We are working very hard to provide a great experience with our podcast and hope that you consider donating to us. Currently we are contributing our time free of charge, but since this is a time consuming project we see the financial contributions as a way to sustainably keep up with the workload and be able to support the people who provided services to us.

As we expect professional outputs we also want to compensate the composer and sound designers for their contributions.

Thank you for considering donating to our podcast!

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