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Winners of Zoll+

Thanks for a wonderful year of breaking paradigms together! To celebrate and conclude both our first season as well as the project “curriculum extended” we did a Live-Stream on YouTube. During the Live-Stream we gave away 5 magazines of the recent edition of zoll+ (neu) – in which we published one of our own articles.

If you are interested in zoll+ you can get a subscription or single issues right on their website.

Our winners

  • Alca
  • Anna
  • Didakote
  • Kweku
  • Sophie

If you are one of the winners please send us an e-mail with your actual name and postal address! We will forward your information to zoll+ so they can directly ship the magazine to you.

A big thank you to zoll+ for sponsoring this give-away.

Some other news

Our first season is now completed and our second season will return with new episodes in October. However, we are changing from a bi-weekly to a monthly schedule.

If you want to support us, the easiest and cheapest way is just to share our content, like it, subscribe to us on YouTube or Spotify and MOST IMPORTANTLY leave comments.

Additionally, we are now an non-profit association. If you want to support us financially and become a supporting member of the association, you can donate to us via Patreon, Paypal or contact us directly and get additional perks.

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