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Can planners influence public health?

We are embarking on a series all around public health and spatial planning. In this episode we are explaining some basic concepts and challenges. Tell us in the comments what aspect peaks your interest!


Christaller, W., 1980. Die zentralen Orte in Süddeutschland. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft.

Information on Walter Christaller:
Nazi Spatial Theory: The Dark Geographies of Carl Schmitt and Walter Christaller, Trevor J. Barnes and Claudio Minca, Annals of the Association of American Geographers 103 (3) 2013, 669–687,

Please note that Walter Christaller was a member of the NSDAP (Nazi Party), as this is incorrectly noted in the English Wikipedia article about him. He was affiliated with different parties throughout his lifetime.


Created by Constanze Frech & Sarah Kusché
Editing: Constanze Frech
Content & concept: Constanze Frech & Sarah Kusché
Script: Constanze Frech (translation: Sarah Kusché)

With music composed by Dídac Barroso Cascales
Voice for intro and outro by Dídac Barroso Cascales
Sound design by Dídac Barroso Cascales & Florian Frech
Special thanks to Florian Frech for providing his studio and expertise for intro & outro!

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