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The Hospital

location, efficiency and quality – the planning perspective

In this episode we talked with Hannes Frech and Constanze Frech about their experiences of hospitals from a planning perspective. They shared about their experience in hospitals in Austria, the challenges and opportunities from the perspective of smaller rural hospitals to the biggest hospital of the country in Vienna, Austria. What makes the health care system in your country challenging and what do you see as well done? Let us know in the comments.


Created by Constanze Frech & Sarah Kusché
Editing: Constanze Frech
Content & concept: Constanze Frech & Sarah Kusché
Interview partners: Hannes Frech & Constanze Frech

With music composed by Dídac Barroso Cascales
Voice for intro and outro by Dídac Barroso Cascales
Sound design by Dídac Barroso Cascales & Florian Frech
Special thanks to Florian Frech for providing his studio and expertise for intro & outro!

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