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Formalization processes in settlements

In the second part of our trilogy on informality within human settlements, we take a look at the formalization processes. We look at their history, weight the pros and cons, but also take a look at the initiators and give some examples. Please keep in mind that we did not pick the examples to either condemn or praise them, but simply to showcase the topic more clearly.

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Stay tuned for our next episode on informality around the globe!

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Links & Literature

Featured organizations: ILD , WIEGO, Afesis-corplan

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The podcast “breaking paradigms” is a collaborative effort of Constanze Frech and Sarah Kusché. It focuses on all things spatial planning, especially regarding knowledge transfer and non-european practices and theories. Every 30 minute episode centers around a different topic and should give insights and perspectives on both theory and practice. Our goal is to be educational for those still studying and already in the professional field. We seek to collaborate with experts in their respective field from all continents and build a platform to exchange niche subjects and start a conversation.

Created by Constanze Frech & Sarah Kusché
With music composed by Dídac Barroso Cascales
Sound design by Dídac Barroso Cascales & Florian Frech
Editing: Constanze Frech
Content & concept: Constanze Frech & Sarah Kusché
Content contributors/interview partners: Genet Alem & Kim Dovey
Voice for intro and outro by Dídac Barroso Cascales
Special thanks to Florian Frech for providing his studio and expertise for intro & outro!

Additional Background music: Golden Ocean – GEMAfreie Musik von – Lizenz: CC BY (

Thumbnail: by Sarah Kusché, Photo credit: @johnny_miller_photography

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