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Urbanism in Times of Climate Change

We talk about urbanism in times of climate change – an approach to the challenges urban spaces face nowadays.

This episode focusses on the a very actual topic and how we think, the most urgent one the globe deals with at the moment: climate change and the shout for climate justice. This episode looks for solutions architecture, urban planning and urbanism can give to tackle this big issue. We don’t look at best practises but want to step back and take a broader view!

Created by Constanze Frech & Sarah Kusché
Additional voice: Dídac Barroso Cascales
With music composed by Dídac Barroso Cascales
Sound design by Dídac Barroso Cascales & Florian Frech
Editing: Constanze Frech
Content & concept: Constanze Frech & Sarah Kusché
Voice for intro and outro by Dídac Barroso Cascales

Thank you for your contributions and supporting our vision!

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