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Vernacular Architecture

In this episode, we talk about vernacular architecture around the world. We talked with Bouchra Idrissi of the Africa Innovation Network about the definitions, advantages, and challenges of vernacular architecture. Please post your input in the map below:


Mit Padlet erstellt

Projects & Examples

The example mentioned in the podcast “Ben Guerir” – the eco-city in Morocco:
Architectural projects at the AIN social media:

Africa Innovation Network

Literature & Links


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Created by Constanze Frech & Sarah Kusché
With music composed by Dídac Barroso Cascales
Sound design by Dídac Barroso Cascales & Florian Frech
Editing: Sarah Kusché
Content & concept: Constanze Frech & Sarah Kusché
Contribution: Bouchra Idrissi of the Africa Innovation Network
Script: Sarah Kusché
Voice for intro and outro by Dídac Barroso Cascales
Special thanks to Florian Frech for providing his studio and expertise for intro & outro!

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